Units of Work and Resources developed as part of the 2011 DER Project Schools Initiative in the Illawarra South East Region.



Warilla High School - PDHPE Affirming Diversity

Rhainnon Fotheringham Chris Meizer
Unit Overview and Resources

Student OneNote Resource

Yass High - Mathematics - Mathematics (2U Prelim), General Mathematics (2U Prelim)

Fiona Wymer Heath Wade
These laptop wraps include a sequence of activities related to the Year 11 topic on Functions, including notation, graphical representations and transfromation and the Year 11 topic of data analysis including; sampling, analysis and representation of data.

Yass High - Stage 5 English Narrative Verse

Ann-Marie Shannon Phillipa Swinbourn

"This laptop wrap introduces students to the text type - Narrative Verse. It includes a range of activities which use appropriate software in different ways"

Oak Flats High School - English: The Directors Cut Unit

Lisa Hoole
A OneNote resource with lots in interactive activities including Mindmaps

Budawang SSP : Numeracy Framework - Student Assessment

Sheryl Bruffey

This resource was developed in conjunction with The Holroyd and Mary Brooksbank Schools

Oak Flats High School - Mathematics

Elizabeth Zivkovic

Student Resources

Teacher Resources