2012 Collaborating Schools

Bournda Environmental Education Centre

Google Earth for Stage 5

Woonona High School-

Music - St 5 'Music and Technology'
The OneNote file, audio file and video file are too large to upload. Contact Rhiannon Sharp at Woonona HS if you would like copies.

Maths - St 5 Using the Moneysmart website, budget calculator and excel to prepare a budget. Peter Holliday

TAS - Peter Lewis

PE - Decisions Decisions Stage 5 - Guy McDermott

English - Stage 5 - George Cullen

Narooma High School

Agriculture - Crops - Kylie Maher

Textiles- Yr 9 textiles and technology - Deb Timms

Oak Flats High School

Science - Glowing in the Dark