Exploring Technologies for Schools Lecture

University of Wollongong

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Professional Learning & Resources
Broulee Public School
Collaborative Schooling
“Collaborative schooling is a model where the school collaborates with, and provides direction and support for its homes and community”.

Leading A Networked State Primary School: Broulee Public School
The Australian Educational Leader Volume 33 Number 4 2011
Authors: Mal Lee, Digital Schooling Consultant & Loreta Kocovska, Connected Learning Coordinator SEO2, Illawarra and South East Region, Department of Education & Communities.

Arizona Technology Integration Matrix
“The Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) illustrates how teachers can use technology to enhance learning for K-12 students”.

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Leaders in interactive teaching and learning

Connected Classrooms Program
Some Ideas for your Connected Classroom
- Subject Challenges
- Game Shows
- Professional Learning
- Pedagogical Discussions
- Mock Trials
- Discussion HSC Texts
- Virtual Excursions

Virtual Excursions
- Access virtual excursions and experts
- Enhance opportunties for collaboration for students, teachers and schools across DEC and the world.

Access Virtual Excursions & Experts at Connections: brining faces and places together
A DEC unit that provides and co-ordinates video conferencing excursions which are designed to enrich and supplement curriculum.
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Videos of Practice Below

1. Introduction to CCP

2. CCP technologies increase
opportunities for collaboration
between students

3. CCP technologies increase
opportunities for collaboration
between teachers

4. CCP technologies increase
access to virutal excursions and

5. CCP technologies increase
access to specialist teachers
and external experts

6. CCP technologies increase
access to broader subject
choice including Physics,
extn Maths

7. CCP technologies increase
opportunities for gifted and
talented students

8. CCCP technologies provide
additional transition strategies
from Primary to High School

9. CCP technologies provide
students with access to
21st century learning

10. CCP technologies enable
the creation, sharing and delivery
of curriculum content