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Loreta Kocovska
SEO2 Connected Learning Coordinator

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iPads in Special Education

Lifelong Learning – Start with:

30 minute computer and video conferences that offer quick, stimulating forums which will demonstrate the integration of Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) in teaching and learning.

The purpose of a SMART BUG is to:
- Promote the use of SMART Boards and the sharing of learning experiences
- Provide an opportunity for educators to gather resources and improve their skills
- Allow educators to meet one another.

Session 1: An introduction to the SMART Board and SMART Notebook Software
Session 2: Intermediate Level
Session 3: Advanced Level.

Breakkie with a Teckkie
VC Series focussing on Web 2 Tools used in the classroom.
Wednesday Mornings from 8:00am to 8:30am.
Registration important
Sessions limited to 75 sites

NSW Curriculum and Learning Innovation Centre
"In NSW primary schools, teaching and learning programs and the assessing and reporting of student achievement relate directly to the learning outcomes and curriculum content of NSW syllabuses in six key learning areas (KLAs). K – 6 syllabuses can be accessed at the Board of Studies website"

Interactive Literacy Teaching Resources
Interactive Literacy teaching resource documents that summarise and have direct links to resources.

Web Tool Integration Guide: Start with a purpose not a tool ….

WebTool Mashup: Integrating Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy, Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences and Webtools for Student Centred Learning Activities.

Word Clouds using Wordle or Tagxedo


Storybird's are short, art-inspired stories children create to read, share and print.

Storybird.jpg Storybird Website

Web Essentials Series Posters located at:

Study Ladder
study_ladder-300x117.jpg Online Mathematics and Literacy Program Study Ladder Website

Connected Classrooms
Connected Classrooms increase opportunities for collaboration between students
Connected Classrooms Program technologies increase opportunities for collaboration between teachers

Some Ideas for your Connected Classroom
- Subject Challenges
- Game Shows
- Professional Learning
- Pedagogical Discussions
- Mock Trials
- Discussion HSC Texts
- Virtual Excursions
Connected Classroom Program Information DEC Intranet Site

Virtual Excursions
- Access virtual excursions and experts
- Enhance opportunties for collaboration for students, teachers and schools across DEC and the world.
Connected Classrooms Program technologies increase access to virtual excursions and events

Access Virtual Excursions & Experts at Connections: brining faces and places together
A DEC unit that provides and co-ordinates video conferencing excursions which are designed to enrich and supplement curriculum.
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Some of Our Favourite Digital Learning Resources
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Digital Education Revolution NSW Resources - Livebinder
Arizona Technology Integration Matrix
A collection of how-to's, awesome wikis and other ideas for setting up your own class wiki.