The Peer Coaching Program, supported by Microsoft Corporation, is a proven methodology for training teacher leaders to serve as peer coaches for their colleagues. Many educators will attest to the transformative power of peer coaching and its ability to alter practices and beliefs. Peer coaching is a practical way to deliver the ongoing, consistent support essential to assist teachers to improve their craft and increase student achievement. Peer coaches help other colleagues in their schools integrate technology into classroom learning activities and improve lesson design by incorporating engaging strategies such as project-based learning.
In December 2010, eight members of the ISER participated in the Microsoft Peer Coaching Program to become recognised Peer Coaches or further their accreditation to become a 'Peer Coach Facilitiator'. Peer Coaches are trained to work with peers in schools to provide professional support and improve student achievement and if approproiate assist with the integration of technology in teaching and learning. A trained 'Facilitator' can train other staff to become 'Peer Coaches'. Staff who have completed this training include:
  • Julie Thomas. ISER DER Project Officer - Facilitator
  • Kerrie Vogele. ISER Relieving PEO, Equity Programs and Distance Education- Peer Coach
  • Barney Ellevsen. HT Music, Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts - Peer Coach
  • Vanessa Glasgow. ISER Connected Learning Project Officer - Peer Coach
  • Robert Attwood. HT Administration, Bateman's Bay High School - Peer Coach
  • Glenn Tester. Teacher, Moruya High School - Peer Coach
  • Catherine Munro. HT Teaching & Learning, Nowra High School - Peer Coach
  • Linda Thurston. Deputy Principal, Eden Marine High School - Peer Coach

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